Election Season Insight

South Africa 2024 Elections

South Africa will hold general elections in May to elect a new National Assembly as well as provincial legislatures across the country. This is a major political event, as South Africans will go to the polls to vote for the parties and candidates they want to lead the national and provincial governments over the next term. While South Africa’s elections are considered free and fair by international observers, you may have some concerns around political tensions and threats of disruption. This trade advisory provides you with useful information to navigate this.

Election Day – 29 May 2024

The elections will take place on 29 May 2024, which has been declared a national public holiday. This means some businesses and services will be closed as South Africans turn out to vote. There will likely be larger crowds and heavier traffic around polling stations. Travellers should exercise increased situational awareness when moving around on this date. Elections in South Africa: A tradition of peace and democracy South Africa prides itself on a robust history of peaceful, democratic elections. The upcoming May 2024 elections are expected to proceed smoothly, reflecting our nation’s commitment to a fair and orderly democratic process. Voting will take place over a single day, highlighting the efficient nature of our electoral system.

Travel recommendations during elections:

  • Road awareness: Be mindful of possible road closures or diversions near polling
    stations. These measures are to facilitate easy access for voters and ensure a smooth
    electoral process.
  • Public transport adjustments: Anticipate potential modifications to public transport
    schedules. While we aim for minimal disruption, planning can help avoid
  • Closure of businesses and government offices: Some businesses and government
    offices may close or operate with reduced hours on Election Day. If your travel plans
    require such services, please plan accordingly.
  • Steer clear of crowds/protests: Avoid undefined crowds, public political
    gatherings/rallies, or any protests and unrest. These have potential to turn volatile
  • Stay informed: For the most current and comprehensive information, visiting the
    official South African government website (https://www.gov.za/) is recommended.
    Business as usual Beyond the buzz of Election Day, South Africa will continue to welcome visitors with open arms. All tourist attractions, accommodation, and tours are likely to operate normally, ensuring travel experiences remain uninterrupted and enjoyable.

Emergency Contacts In case of emergency, visitors can contact:

  • Local police/emergency services by dialling 10111
  • Fire and ambulance services by dialling 10177
  • Ensure you have the contact details for your embassy/consulate in South Africa