When whispers won’t do, get behind a Twitterstorm

Twitter storm

Do you know how to Tweet? If not, you better learn quickly!

You have 48 hours to set up your Twitter handle or find your lost password and start flexing your Twitter muscles.

On 15 October, President Cyril Ramaphosa will hold a Joint Sitting of Parliament to discuss the country’s economic situation. The President has publicly acknowledged the role that Tourism can play in growing the economy but our hands are tied. Months of lockdown, red tape and inconsistent regulations have put Tourism on the back foot. As the second highest export earner for South Africa, we can be that sector that helps to reignite the economy, but for that to happen we need to be allowed to lift off.

Collectively, we need to bring our voice to bear. For us to trend, we need to shout as a Tourism Tribe together, so we ask you (once again) as South Africa is Travel Ready to get behind us:

Join our Twitterstorm on Thursday the 15th October 2020 between 11h00 and 14h00

How can you do this?

  1. Copy the tweets from this Tweet Sheet and post them throughout the Twitterstorm
  2. Create your own tweets and tweet them through your Twitter handle(s) throughout the Twitterstorm
  3. Include in your tweets the handles:
    1. @CyrilRamaphosa
    2. @PresidencyZA
    3. @GovernmentZA
    4. @ParliamentofRSA
  4. Include in your tweets the hashtags:
    1. #OpenNotOpen
    2. #FalseStart4Tourism
  5. Retweet any tweets you come across with the above hashtags throughout the Twitterstorm

Email [email protected] if you have any questions or need any support.