Top 5 places to experience the wild in South Africa

With the year we have just had, and the year that is just starting. It can feel like we are permanently living in the wild! But in actual fact being able to get away for a bit is a great way to relax and recoup. And with Lodges taking the utmost importance to ensure your safety as well as their staffs. 

But where should you travel? Which lodges should you go to? Which reserves should you go to? 

I can understand your questions, and with so many choices for your South African Safari, it can be difficult deciding.

Here are 5 places to experience the wild in 2021

Kruger National Park

The biggest and most well-known park in Southern Africa is somewhere I would visit! With so many different biomes within the park and so many camps, you can spend two weeks in the park and never feel boxed in! And with so many ways to keep socially distanced and to get there, the possibilities are endless.

Sabi Sands

The Sabi Sands is a 65,000-hectare game reserve that shares its borders with Kruger National Park. Sabi Sands has some of the most accessible lodges, with shuttles, planes and many more options to make your trip easy and comfortable. 

It is also one of the best places to see the elusive Leopard. So if that is on your bucket list, maybe give them a call!


Isimangaliso wetland park is a fantastic place! Where the grassy plains meet the lagoon and the sea. The area is flush with birdlife, wildlife and ecological diversity. If you have not been, then now is the time! This transfrontier park is home to the Big five and many other creatures to see. Feel the wild here!

Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant National Park is a great place to see…..Elephants! Yes, as the name suggests, they have a lot of elephants. But besides that, they have the Big 5 and many other animals and birds. Addo is also only 1.5 hours away from Port Elizabeth, making it a great addition to a coastal holiday. 


This semi-arid region is best done with a 4×4! Luckily, 4×4 hire exists because you would not want to miss out on this experience. With views that cannot be replicated and experiences that will last a lifetime, it is no wonder that this park is on so many people’s bucket lists! 

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is located on the North-Eastern border of South Africa. This semi-arid region is known for its wildlife, especially its black-maned lions. With many accommodation options, you can stay in comfort or rough it and feel part of the wild.

With so many options for social distance and enjoy life at the same time! Why not take your dream safari now?