South Africa is Travel Ready 2.0 – buckle up, there’s still a road to walk

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With borders reopening on 1 October, we’re a step closer, but not quite there yet.

Now is the time to leverage all that great work we’ve done as an industry to inspire and instil confidence amongst our guests.

You’re part of this team too – we can all get behind one last big push to tell the world that South Africa is Travel Ready!

Are you with us?  Here’s what we’re planning:

Tourism Tuesday

Join us on 22 September at 5pm (SA time) for an exciting Tourism Tuesday with the heads of associations to talk about the next steps. You can’t afford to miss it, so register here and share with your Tourism colleagues. We all need to be on the same page and we’ve got one shot at getting this to work as a Tourism Tribe. 

Date: 22 September
Time: 17h00 (SA Time)
RSVP here

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South Africa is Travel Ready Campaign

Inbound, outbound, retail, wholesale, accommodation, restaurant or experience – every single South African involved in Tourism can get behind the hashtag #SouthAfricaisTravelReady. 

  1. Post about your experience or tourism offering and include the hashtag #SouthAfricaisTravelReady
  2. Follow our social media handles and share our travel ready content – FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter
  3. Send us your positive destination news, images and videos (not a product push)
  4. Use our Toolkit – we have created social media assets for you to use for FREE!
  5. Add the South Africa is Travel Ready Facebook Frame to your profile pic
  6. Do you know a famous South African who would lend their voice? Read below! 
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When a whisper just isn’t enough…

As part of our campaign to inspire visitors to return to South Africa, South Africa is Travel Ready has a few super cool initiatives up our sleeves. Can you say Ndlovu Youth Choir?

And who better to sing South Africa’s praises than famous South Africans who are spread across the world and love South Africa as we do? We have reached out to influencers across the seas – sportsmen, musicians, entertainers, etc. to tell the world that South Africa is Travel Ready.

Do you know any famous South Africans or supporters of South Africans who would be willing to add their voice in this campaign?

All they need to do is film a short video on their mobile phone telling us who they are, where they’re based and the one thing they would love to share with the world about South Africa and its people, followed with the phrase: ‘South Africa is Travel Ready’. This can be submitted to 00 27 83 449 4334 and will be used in the campaign as separate videos and within one big video.

We are aiming to get this out before the end of September so if you, or someone you know, knows a famous South African who would be willing to add their voice, please reach out.

Yours in Tourism

South Africa is Travel Ready 

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