The Knysna Oyster festival offers more than your usual mid-year break

With many international leisure travel restrictions still in place, Knysna invites you to substitute your usual mid-year break abroad with ten days of fun, adventure and food at the Knysna Oyster Festival from 9 to 18 July this year. “Many South Africans are used to trading our winters for summers abroad,” said Festival Coordinator Andrew Finn. “This is the second year in a row that this won’t be possible. Luckily there is an affordable, domestic alternative to travelling overseas: Knysna and the Knysna Oyster Festival.”

The festival’s theme of STAY, WORK, PLAY is built on three factors. Put together, they make the greater Knysna area the perfect destination from which to work remotely, while staying in comfortable accommodation establishments and playing at the festival and other local activities.

Visit Knysna General Manager Colleen Durant said the area boasts with fantastic accommodation options for visitors to STAY at. “The greater Knysna area really offeres a wide variety of stay options,” she said. “From high end, ultra luxurious hotels and guesthouses to self-catering chalets and backpackers – and everything in between. Families looking for an affordable holiday stay will also be pleasantly surprised. The “We are open”-campaign launched by the Western Cape Government and Wesgro late last year included a “Kids Stay Free” initative, which some of our accommodation establishments will still be offering throughout the festival. There are, of course, also more executive accommodation options available to those who plan on working throughout their stay in Knysna.”

A large part of what makes the 2021 Knysna Oyster Festival unique is that professionals who work remotely can do so from Knysna for the duration of the festival, or longer. Knysna Executive Mayor Elrick van Aswegen explained that the municipal area offered more than adequate access to the Internet. “The greater Knysna area boasts fast, reliable fiber-, broadband- and LTE Internet connections,” he said. “This means that those who have now become used to working remotely, those who have always done so and other digital nomads can easily work from Knysna. Learners and students who are still making use of online resources and learning will have no issues accessing their programmes either. This means that you can still get all your work done while enjoying the festival – and everything else that our area has to offer.”

“Naturally, the point of any festival is to have fun, or to PLAY,” said Andrew Finn. “We are in the process of finalising our calendar and already have many amazing activities lined up. The festival’s two most famous events will take place, the Knysna Forest Marathon and the Knysna Cycle Tour. There will also be wine evenings, live entertainment, family events and kids’ entertainment. The greatest part of this year’s festival is that we also aim to highlight our local businesses and other activities, that don’t necessarily offer ‘traditional’ festival activities, by offering our visitors special offers and added value to products and services that are available in Knysna throughout the year. This is also a fantastic opportunity for our locals to enjoy a ‘stay-cation’ in their own town and enjoying everything our guests experience when they visit Knysna,” he concluded. “The Knysna Oyster Festival promises to be a good break from our collective stark reality of the last year. It’s the perfect chance for old and new friends to STAY, WORK, PLAY.”

The final calendar will be made available at http://knysnaoysterfestival.co.za/events/. Browse Knysna’s accommodation options at https://www.visitknysna.co.za/stay/. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @KnysnaOysterFestival and keep an eye on www.knysnaoysterfestival.co.za for updates.

Contact Festival Coordinator Andrew Finn on email [email protected] for more information, or call 0443825510.

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