Why were Robin and Stella Mountain nominated?


The African continent – like all other continents around the world – has endured an enormous knock in terms of travel, tourism, and the economy as a result of COVID-19. As such, Africa can use all of the support that it can get when it comes to promoting interest and encouraging international travellers to set foot on African soil once again. Luckily, there are many advocates for Africa across the globe, with Robin and Stella Mountain being just two of them located in Kentucky in the United States of America.

Maggie Miller has nominated these two proud South Africans as superlifters because she sees them as kindred spirits due to their overwhelming love for Africa.

“Robin and Stella are constantly doing their utmost to promote interest, caring, and a passion for giving back to our homeland. They own a variety of small businesses here in the United States, all of which are geared towards promoting Africa and African experiences, and they are dedicated to uplifting and guiding other entrepreneurs to achieve similar levels of success,” Maggie says.

Zimbabwean-born Maggie speaks highly of the Mountains for stepping in as a huge encouragement in her journey towards becoming a freelancer and following her dreams and claims that they have set a wonderful example for her to follow.

Who are Robin and Stella Mountain?

Despite having immigrated to the United States many years ago, Robin and Stella Mountain still feel a strong connection to Africa and an immense sense of pride regarding their roots. Robin is a 5th generation South African originally from Mossel Bay and Stella grew up on a farm in KwaZulu-Natal. They met in Pretoria and got married before seeking out new opportunities in the USA.

Now, the Mountains own a charming coffee shop, called Ntaba Coffee Haus, and a spaza shop in Louisville, Kentucky. All of the tea and coffee served at the coffee shop is directly sourced from various African traders.

“We only offer tea and coffee imported from Africa. We always tell our customers that every steaming cup of tea or coffee that they drink helps a child in Africa go to school. Every cup makes a difference!” says Robin.

Along with serving imported African beverages and selling the same roasts and teas online, the Mountains also sell African artwork inside their shop.

Not long after opening the doors to Ntaba Coffee Haus, Robin and Stell started another business called Ntaba Taste of Africa, which is focused on planning safari adventures for US residents. However, they don’t simply send their clients to Africa – they take them there as their hosts!

Finally, Robin and Stella Mountain are involved in the Zabra initiative. This initiative is an international volunteer network revolving around collecting pre-owned undergarments and giving them to African women who cannot afford to purchase these items themselves.

“We like to take at least two suitcases full of bras with us every time we return to Africa and distribute them at orphanages and women’s shelters. It’s such a heart-warming gift to give and makes a tremendous difference in many women’s lives. We are extremely proud to be a part of such a wonderful initiative,” Robin concludes.

Thank you to both Robin and Stella for being such inspirational Africans and superlifters!

Watch our conversation with Robin and Stella Mountain here.

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