Why was Rupert Jefferies nominated?

Rupert Jeffries

With a little help from my friends. We all know the lyrics to the 1967 Beatles song, but sometimes it is only one person (one friend) who can keep everyone on their feet when it seems like the world is crumbling down.

Highlighting his calming persona, generous spirit and continuous support for others, not only during COVID, but over the years, Mike Waller and the Dragonfly Africa team could not have thought of a more deserving nominee for ‘Lifting Others’ than Rupert Jeffries.

Who is Rupert?

With a keen eye for detail, Rupert refuses to accept anything other than perfection and it was the best and the beauty of South Africa that prompted him to switch up advertising for travel. 

Investing in a tiny bed and breakfast and transforming it into a phenomenal luxury property in Southern Africa, Rupert’s precision was quickly noticed by his peers and he fell into the world of FIT travel as demand grew beyond the perfect stay, to the perfect holiday.

Ironically, this journey was not one that he intended to follow. But through the perseverance of his clients, Rupert evolved his business into what has become one of Southern Africa’s most prestigious international inbound DMCs.

A winning combination

Knowledge, respect and passion. Three little words that make for a winning combination and a personality that touches others to share the same values.

Besides his love for South Africa and having an eagle eye for business, it is Rupert’s passion and respect for people that makes him a true ‘super-lifter’, according to his team.

‘Always treat everyone with respect, not just your clients and ‘if something goes wrong, you are not to assume the worst, but address the situation as a whole’. These are just some of the gems that Rupert has instilled in Team Dragonfly.

Rupert has also always leveraged his position to help support the dreams of others. For example, CEO Mike Waller was once a hotel GM, while Rupert’s former driver now owns his very own touring operator, after seizing the opportunity to study further.

These are but two of the many Lifting Others success stories that Rupert Jeffries has hatched over the years and his team have no doubt there will be many more.  

Watch our conversation with Rupert Jeffries team here.

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