Why was Raeesa Sathar nominated?

Raeesa Sathar

“I nominated Raeesa Sathar because of the role she’s played in my life”, says Zandisiwe Gaxa. “Raeesa motivated me in so many different ways, she believed in me.” Zandisiwe recalls a memory from when she was called into Raeesa’s office regarding a position that she had decided not to apply for.

“Raeesa asked me why I hadn’t applied, and I told her that I was too afraid of the challenges ahead.” Zandisiwe explains how Raeesa pushed her forward, “She told me that there’s nothing you should fear in life, especially something you’ve never even tried.”

 Raeesa believed in Zandisiwe, and through mentorship, taught her to believe in herself.

 “Today, her words still stay with me, she’s always been there for me, and never fails to uplift me in my journey.”

Who is Raeesa Sathar?

Raeesa Sathar first started her career in the travel industry as a travel agent in 2009, and has now worked in the aviation and tourism industry for the past 11 years. Before being retrenched as a result of the pandemic, Raeesa was working in travel consultancy. Like many of us, she struggled to get grips with reality of working through a global pandemic. 

But Raeesa was determined to push forward, “I decided to utilise my skills, and open up ‘GlobeAir’ services. I’m happy to say that our doors are still open and we’ve been running smoothly to date.”

Raeesa Sathar is proud of Zandisiwe. “Zandisiwe worked at an airport before taking the leap into Qatar Airways where I first met her.” Raeesa tells us that Zandisiwe impressively moved her way up to a supervisory position in a ground handling company that works with Qatar Airways.

Raeesa Sathar’s thoughts on tourism’s current position.

Raeesa believes that this isn’t the time to bang heads together, that this is the time to put our heads together, and work with one another:

“This is not the time to be competitive, we need to collaborate together, we need to create and put out proposals that show that we are safe and require these tourists within our country.”

Raeesa shares examples like Lufthansa, who’ve recently signed an agreement promoting and investing in big projects that push tourism in South Africa. “You’ve also got Qatar Airways, who’re doing their best to boost tourism within the country.”

For Raeesa this is significant. “If other countries can do this for us, then what is stopping us, as the locals, from getting together, not worrying about the competition, and collaborating in mutual interest. I believe that now, we just need to work together and support one another. And to bring more woman into aviation!”

Watch our conversation with Raeesa Sathar here.

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