Why was Jonathan Gerber nominated?

Jonathan Gerber

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there has been a lot of talk about how businesses within the travel industry have been affected. However, there is little attention given to the specific individuals who are working within those businesses. From travel consultants, marketing and sales specialists to tour operators and everything in between, the vast majority of people working within the travel industry have feared for their jobs and have endured months upon months of uncertainty.

Luckily, there are CEOs out there who have prioritised their employees during these trying times, making a concerted effort to keep them smiling, confident, and in the loop. Jonathan Gerber of TAG (Travel Assignment Group) is one of those outstanding CEOs, hence his nomination courtesy of Head of Sales at TAG, Kim Parker.

“I have always felt at home, safe, and secure at TAG, and the last year was no exception. Jonathan did everything in his power to keep us all informed and he made incredible business decisions to make sure that the company survived. He brought everyone together, not just the management team but the entire workforce to stick out all of the challenges that came – and continue to come – our way,” says Kim.

“Everything he did, he did with the staff in mind and communicated with us every step of the way. He sent care packages out in December and helped cover internet costs as a result of working from home. In short, he truly cares about his people.”

Who is Jonathan Gerber?

Jonathan Gerber started out as a sales consultant at American Express and eventually ended up as the respected CEO of the Tourvest Outbound Division. From there, Jonathan decided to start his own business and founded TAG in 2007.  

When asked why he thinks he was nominated, Jonathan says he believes it is because he always gives people a chance.

“Everyone deserves a chance. I believe in allowing people to make their own mistakes and to learn from them. I give them their freedom and flexibility. That’s the only way to empower people to shine,” he says.

Jonathan also acknowledges that his communication style has played an important role in keeping his team resilient throughout the past year.

“Communication has never been more critical. The times in which we live are so uncertain and stress levels are at an all-time high. Because of this, I made a conscious effort not only to communicate effectively with my team at TAG, but to communicate consistently. Every week, we would all meet for a chat and there would always be a weekly email detailing where we were at, what was going on, whether recent progress was in line with our expectations, etc. I believe this brought my team comfort.”

What’s next for the travel industry?

Most professionals within the industry have been left wondering whether or not travel will ever fully recover. Jonathan has faith that it will.

“We are lucky. Our industry sells dreams. Plus, with people not being able to travel for so long, their wanderlust is more powerful than ever before! I am confident that we will get through this and come out stronger on the other side,” he concludes.

Watch our conversation with Jonathan Gerber here.