Why was Claudia Pillay nominated?

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses and individuals alike. One would be hard pressed to find a single person who didn’t endure mental health challenges as a result of current times.

Luckily, there are people out there who strive to uplift those around them, modelling and teaching both endurance and the power of positive thinking. Claudia Pillay is one of those people, which is why she has been nominated as a super-lifter by former employee, Debbie Pillay. Following a retrenchment in early 2020 due to the financial consequences od COVID, Debbie pushed forward and started her own business with Claudia there supporting her every step of the way. From constant words of encouragement to actively buying and spreading the word about her new offering, Claudia was a strong driving force in helping Debbie to keep her head in the game and build a solid foundation for her budding enterprise.

Who is Claudia?

Claudia is the founder and Head of Travel Operations at Kimzan XLTravel. She joined the travel industry in the early 1980s at the young age of 19. Her career began in Durban’s bustling city centre where she worked at a small agency and spent the majority of her days tackling various junior admin tasks. However, it was her attention to detail and strong ethics that really got her noticed.

Soon after kick-starting her professional career, Claudia travelled to Mauritius and quickly caught the travel bug. From there, she became a travel consultant geared mainly towards leisure travel and moved to Johannesburg in search of greater opportunities.

Eventually, she joined a large, respected company where she was lucky to learn from some of the best leaders in the industry. After soaking up the knowledge and revelling in her passion for her job, she made the decision to open Kimzan XLTravel in 2008.

“The years in the travel industry have been phenomenal. I’ve benefitted, my family has benefited. We’ve travelled around the world and been exposed to so many different cultures, architecture, art, food, and people. I’ve loved every minute,” says Claudia.

What the future holds

Claudia says she believes that her work as a super-lifter has only just begun, and she strongly feels that her purpose lies in the realm of teaching life skills to the young leaders of the future.

“I feel so motivated, especially to work with individuals who are struggling with their mindsets. I think it is vital to be able to overcome mental blockages that stem from past experiences before a person can truly come into their own and live up to their potential. These mental blockages need to be acknowledged and dealt with in order for a person to embrace the beauty inside of them and, of course, make a strong impression in the working world,” she says.

Watch our conversation with Claudia Pillay here.

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