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Is South Africa politically stable?

South Africa politically stable

South Africa Tourism Safety Tip – Is South Africa politically stable?

You may be asking the question: is South Africa politically stable? The political stability of any country is one of the key factors to consider when visiting any destination.

The great news for visitors to South Africa is that South Africa is politically stable. South Africa’s government and politics are stable. South Africa has gone through a traumatic past of apartheid, civil and political unrest.

Following incredible changes that created the current democratic system of governance under Nelson Mandela, South Africans are incredibly proud of their Rainbow Nation and democratic freedom.

The constitution allows South Africans to stand up for their rights when they feel aggrieved. This surfaces occasionally as protests. The majority of these are peaceful demonstrations but can become disorderly. In either case, protests and surrounding areas are best avoided by tourists.

Avoid protest areas with these handy tips

You can find out about any protests or disturbances from your agent or accommodation. We also recommend following the SATSA or information sites to stay up to date.

If you’re driving yourself, ask your accommodation provider to advise you about service delivery protest hotspots so you can avoid these. You can also tune into radio stations like Cape Talk (567AM in Western Cape), SAFM (104 to 107 FM) and Radio 702 (92.7FM in Gauteng). These provide ongoing traffic updates and will flag any protest action so you can avoid these.

You can also check out these Twitter handles:

Cape Town Freeway

Traffic Updates

If you happen to be caught in service delivery protests, this article by @Wheels24 offers some sound advice from an expert.

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