How to step into summer while staying on budget

Summer Family

Now is the perfect time for a well-deserved holiday. But how do you live your best summer life without breaking the bank in the process? Here are some easy steps to keep in mind as you step into summer while staying on budget:

Take stock of your finances

Whether you’re planning a cross-country adventure or a fun-filled staycation, knowing where you stand financially is key in planning your summer holidays in a way that is both affordable and practical. The first step is to perform a financial check-up before diving into summer. It is critical to take stock of things such as your credit score, writing out debts and updating your budget. Go into summer debt- and carefree by prioritising your debt over additional expenses. That way, you ensure you have the freedom to spend without the guilt that can come from over-stretching your finances.

Calculate your costs and start saving

As you begin to prepare for summer in beautiful South Africa, research activities, food, and accommodation to get a sense of how much you’ll be spending. There are also other costs including transportation and shopping that you may need to factor in to estimate your daily spend. This exercise will help you determine the minimum amount you will need to save each month in advance. Consider placing the money into a separate account to avoid accidentally spending your summer nest egg.

Keep your eye on the prize

Now it’s time to stand firm on your budget. A great way to do this is to use mobile banking to track your spending. Your mobile banking app can also help you find ATMs and transfer the necessary funds as you go. Prevent overspending by avoiding credit and debit cards altogether and rather use a prepaid debit card. Do more for less by keeping an eye out for local deals and family-friendly budget experiences.

As much as possible try to stick to your designated budget per activity. Impromptu anything is a budget’s worst enemy. However, some degree of spontaneity is fundamental in a fun summer experience, so build in some contingency spend to give yourself some wiggle room.

This festive season, focus on experiences not things and break out of your everyday routine—not out of your budget. These simple tips will ensure you come back from your holidays energised and rich in memories.

Here are a few affordable and on budget experiences for the whole family:  

Tsitsikamma Adventure Land

You’ll love the stunning scenery and fascinating flora facts you’ll discover on your tour. Add a picnic basket onto your package and savour mouthwatering flavours while taking in the stunning views from Misty Mountain Reserve Main Lodge.

Read more: https://traveltosouthafrica.org/directory-ttsa/listing/tsitsikamma-adventure-land/

Ritsako Game Lodge

Delicious food and cocktails your thing? Ritsako Game Lodge is the place to kick back and enjoy a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Read more: https://traveltosouthafrica.org/directory-ttsa/listing/ritsako-game-lodge/

Explore with Tumi – Coffee & Chocolate Experience

Get ready for a sensory journey and engage in the alluring aromas and delectable flavours of Africa’s finest coffees. You’ll also learn about the process of creating the best coffee from crop to cup.

Read more: https://traveltosouthafrica.org/directory-ttsa/listing/coffee-and-chocolate-tasting-experience/

Emdoneni Lodge

Savour true South African flavours at the buffet restaurant or in the Boma, providing a magical atmosphere every evening as you dine under the African sky. End off your evening with a nightcap in the cosy bar or a chat in front of the fireplace.

Read more: https://traveltosouthafrica.org/directory-ttsa/listing/emdoneni-lodge/

Vine Hopper Wine Tour

This is a great way to explore Stellenbosch independently, with all the comforts of being ferried about, enabling you to enjoy your wine tastings in your own time and safely.

Read more: https://traveltosouthafrica.org/directory-ttsa/listing/vine-hopper-wine-tour/

Choose to create memories that will last a lifetime and share it with the people you love the most this festive season. Make this summer one to remember!