South Africans (citizens and residents), as well as foreign national travellers, do not require a COVID-19 test to depart South Africa. However, it may be a requirement of some airlines and countries of destination.

At the airport, travellers will be screened and anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be prohibited from boarding. Travellers departing South Africa should also bring with them a completed exit screening questionnaire

Any additional requirements will be stipulated by the airline and/or country of destination. The airline is responsible to ensure that all passengers comply with the COVID-19 requirements of entry for the country of destination before boarding and will not allow passengers to board who do not meet these requirements.  

This information will be constantly in flux as countries update entry requirements based on infection rates and reciprocity. The most reliable and up-to-date information will be found from the source (i.e. official government and consular websites).  

IATA’s COVID-19 Travel Regulations Map is also regularly updated with restrictions per country. However, it is still best to double-check this information against what is available from official government sources as IATA cannot guarantee total accuracy given the ever-changing nature of the international response to COVID-19. 

Travellers should also be aware that testing may be conducted at some international airports.  

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