It is our understanding that self-quarantine should be allowed for South African residents and foreign nationals with approved accommodation. However, this matter has not appeared in a government gazette and there are various aspects on which we are seeking confirmation.

In support of our understanding, it was stated at the briefing on 30 SeptemberTravellers will have to provide proof of accommodation addresses in case they need to self-isolate at the time of arrival in the country. If they show symptoms and indicate that they have a booking in a hotel or accommodation that is of a character that allows for self-isolation, that traveller would be allowed to enter the country, provided they undergo the required quarantine period.

The character spoken of above refers to the accommodation or place of residence having access to the following:

If a traveller arrives in South Africa and exhibits symptoms, they will not be allowed to board a connecting flight without first undergoing a COVID-19 test and receiving a negative result. If the test comes back positive, the traveller will not be allowed to continue their journey but will need to do a 10-day quarantine at a designated site.

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