Follow the scents of South Africa (SMELL)

Follow the scents of South Africa (SMELL)
Follow the scents of South Africa (SMELL)

15 smells that will remind you forever of your South African adventure 

1. The sea shore smells nice 

Sea how we smell 

Waves crashing, sand squelched between your toes, the deep inhalation of the sea air and the heavenly salty spray of the ocean as it kisses your skin. A constant reminder of our youth filled with family holidays, dripping ice cream, eating sarmies and building sandcastles, always craving that signature scent. 

2. A bad day in the bush is better than a good day in the office 

eau de Bush 

Being out in the bush is soothing for the soul and reconnecting with the pristine, raw beauty of the wild makes you feel alive again. Smell the pungent scent marks as the wildlife stake their territories, the sharp odours of animal dung and spoor, the bizarre scent of the potato bush, the fragrances of the grasses and of course, the luring aroma of an open fire. 

3. The braai smell of summer 

Come on you chops 

Braais are made for any occasion, milestone, or celebratory event. Standing around a braai with the grill laden with meat is typical of a South African summer afternoon. It can be smelt from far and wide and as the chops sizzle and the coals flame, your mouth salivates.  

4. A smell that leaves you green with envy 

Sniff out the fairies 

Immerse yourself in unique ecosystems abundant with rich diversity in an array of South African forests. Lush with dense vegetation, towering trees and magical pathways, lose yourself in a dream world. Knysna and Tsitsikamma Forest of the Southern Cape are the largest and most popular in South Africa. Come across beautiful forest plants including yellowwood, stinkwood and ironwood trees, mosses and ferns.

5. I love the smell of Rooibos tea in the morning  

My herbal fix 

A delicious cuppa of traditional Rooibos tea is just the thing in the morning. This herbal tea also known as red tea comes with myriad health benefits, is naturally caffeine free and jam- packed with antioxidants. Sit down, put your feet up and dunk a rusk in this delicious refreshment. 

6. You smell gorgeous my petal 

Sniff my bud 

South Africa is alive with a flourish of colourful flowers and plants with a variety of fragrances that waft on the air. Exotic flower scents are smelt with soft petaled roses and jasmine, while lavender and thyme are spicy or aromatic. Sweet, fruity scents are the vibrant strawberry and pineapple – the smells of summer. Yesterday, today and tomorrow is adorned with deep mauve flowers and leaves a lingering bouquet. Wherever you go, you will always be embraced by a perfumed scent.

7. The rich smell of the wild 

Take a sniff on the wild side 

Being in the wild takes your nose on an incredibly adventurous journey. Smell the hyena’s foul-smelling paste used as a marking, the spraying dung of the hippo and massive dung middens of the rhino. Did you know leopard urine smells like buttered popcorn and when an elephant is in musth, he emits a distinctive strong odour – not very pleasant. 

8. Uncork the aroma 

It’s all grapes to me 

With South Africa arguably one of the best countries in the world known for wines, you will be hard pressed to not fall in love with our fine array of reds, whites and rosé. With spectacular wine producing regions and the ideal terroir for winemaking, sip on a selection of cultivars such as Pinotage, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc each with their own distinct flavour and aroma.  

9. Sweet smell of success  

We have more balls than them 

The roar of a stadium with the crowd on their feet as South Africa beats the All Blacks. Victory is ours…for now. 

10. Rain reigns in summer  

The smell of pitter patter 

Take in the smell of rain on a hot summer’s day and petrichor, that irresistible earthy smell after the rain has fallen. A wonderful moment as the natural world blooms and the earth is nourished with drops of life.  

11. Hop on over for a beer  

Our beer is lager than life 

South Africans are known for their beer guzzling and the delicious foamy combination of grain, hops, yeast, and water. You simply must taste the famous Castle Lager, Black Label, known as Zamalek, and Amstel. Try a lager, Indian Pale Ale, Pilsner, Stout, and Porter. There are a variety of awesome craft breweries dotted around the country with quirky names, robust flavours and fascinating cult followings.   

12. Fancy a brew, bru? 

Bean there, smelt that 

Fancy a cuppa java? For the coffee connoisseurs we have the most delicious array of coffees with fragrances that waft through the air and tantalise your senses. Enjoy the taste of the most delectable coffee beans, artisan coffees, Fair Trade coffee and on-the-go instant coffees. Aromas can be flowery, nutty, smoky and herby, while the taste can be acidic, bitter, sweet, salty or sour. You will be able to find the perfect cup of coffee at a variety of coffee shops around the country and you can even add your own flavours including French vanilla, caramel macchiato, pumpkin spice, mocha and hazelnut.

13. The elephants drink of choice 

Nice over ice 

Have you ever noticed how elephants knock down marula trees? It’s obvious of course. It’s to get to the sweet nectar of the marula fruit that makes this delicious creamy drink. Enjoy it on ice orover ice-cream or in your coffee. With a caramel, fruity flavour it is absolutely delicious and definitely not for sharing.

14. They’re so cheesy 

Don’t nik my naks 

Get your fingers and mouth orange as you munch on crispy Nik Naks, a popular South African chip. Great to share at a picnic, but best to keep for yourself. 

15. The joy of returning home 

There’s no smell like home 

You have left, to emigrate, go on holiday or been far away and when you come home you are humbled and your heart bursts. The welcome you receive from your nation, friendly smiles, happiness, joy, familiarity, tastes, sights, sounds. You will always be called home.