Feel the pulse of South Africa (TOUCH)

San People, a bushman creating fire from dry kindling, a cultural demonstration.

The top 11 sensory moments you simply must experience 

1. Create vibrant Ndebele beadwork 

Just bead it, bead it, bead it, bead it! 

Spend time with the wonderful Ndebele ladies at Thanda Zulu in KwaZulu-Natal, known for their intricate beadwork. Empowering women in the community, sit with them and make beautiful items of jewellery to take home as souvenirs. Watch as the ladies create exquisite items in this craft that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

2. Tee off at the Gary Player Golf Course 

It’s par for the course 

Located at the Sun City Resort in South Africa’s North West Province, this golf course is one of the most well-known courses in South Africa. Golf carts are prohibited so you can enjoy the feel of the grass as you walk around the fairway hoping for an eagle, a birdie or better yet, a hole in one. 

3. Discover Ubuntu in the Rainbow Nation 

We are different, we are one. 

Meaning ‘I am because you are’, the beautiful philosophy of Ubuntu was a legacy of Mandela who inspired us all to acknowledge the goodness in others. Representing humanity and dignity, this philosophy recognises community, compassion and caring for each other as a collective whole – a nation united. 

4. Heart-warming community experiences 

Community is where the heart is. 

No trip to South Africa would be complete without a visit to a community where you have the incredible opportunity to engage with locals in their home. Visit a school and play with the littlies, a humbling experience as you hear them singing for you as they reach out to hold your hand. Simply gain a different perspective as you interact with shop keepers and tavern owners and see how others live. Return all the richer after this heart-warming experience. 

5. Dig your toes in the sand dunes of the Kalahari Desert 

You’re dune fine 

Immerse yourself in the stark, arid beauty of the Kalahari Desert, a vast landscape of rolling red dunes, home to San communities. Discover the diverse wildlife that has adapted to this unforgiving environment, including gemsbok, meerkat, hyena, and three famous felines, the cheetah, leopard and desert lions. With rich vegetation growing here, you will come across shrubs, grasses and trees and have a taste of gemsbok cucumbers and tsamma melon. Go sandboarding down a massive dune – a thrilling experience. 

6. Golden African sun on your skin 

Feel the warmth of Africa 

Wherever you go in South Africa you will be blessed with the magnificent sun on your skin. Sunrises and sunsets are simply spectacular and a photographer’s dream. Be captivated as the dawn breaks and a golden glow descends over our country. Bask in the rays that kiss your skin and as the sun sets, the sky transforms into a kaleidoscope of colours as the massive orange orb sinks below the horizon to end another breath-taking day in South Africa.


7. This is something you simply have to SEA 

Best form of Vitamin SEA 

Brave the ice-cold waters and crashing waves in Cape Town for a refreshing dip – or ride the crests surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing on some of the world’s most exquisite beaches. For a warmer experience, travel down the scenic Garden Route and enjoy a frolic in the salty surf and aqua adventures in the far less icy waters of George, Knysna, Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay – bliss. 

8. Intrepid white-water rafting 

It’s wild out there 

Race the rapids on the Orange River or the Blyde River (a more intense experience) in a pristine environment navigating your way through rocks, boulders and avoid cartwheeling. An incredible adventure in an inflatable raft, feel at one with the river as it courses through gentle stretches, fast-flowing currents and turbulent swirls. Hang on tight – its bound to get bumpy. 

9. Swim with the dolphins 

Raise your vibrations 

A beautiful experience is the opportunity to swim and interact with dolphins in KwaZulu-Natal. Be free as you glide in the water next to them, watching as they perform ocean acrobatics and smoothly brush you as they pass by. This is truly an unforgettable moment that will leave you feeling complete. 

10. Feel the wind in your hair as you bungee jump 

Scared of heights? 

Take the leap off Bloukrans Bridge, a 216 m jump off the world’s highest commercial bungee bridge. Located near Nature’s Valley in the Western Cape, get your adrenalin pumping as you face your fears and plummet fast whilst looking down into the massive expanse of the Bloukrans River. Once you jump, feel as free as a bird – not for the faint-hearted. 

11. Take a walk-through history 

So, where to now? 

Step back in time in Soweto with a fascinating walk down the world-renowned Vilakazi Street. This famous street boasts the former homes of both Nobel Laureates, the revered Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu. Feel the pulse of this iconic place as you stroll through vibrant bustling streets, eat at restaurants that are well known for their hearty local cuisine and simply embrace the past.