The garden boasts a collection of more than 100 sculptures, paintings and sketches on view. Enjoy as many cups of tea/coffee/lemon syrup as you like under the jacaranda tree. Arriving in the small village of Alexandria in the Eastern Cape in 1975, Maureen Quin had a large studio and office built in a sprawling, unkempt garden.
As the years passed by, she developed the garden into a place of beauty in which a magnitude of birds could nest in trees and shrubs, and with many of her sculptures exhibited on plinths, forming a synergy between art and nature.
A gallery was added on to her studio to house her unique collection of sculptures, paintings and sketches. Since then this has become her spiritual and inspirational home and it is here that her artistic talent has reached fulfillment in the creation of some of her most magnificent sculptures.

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Maureen Quin is a deeply passionate and emotionally engaged sculptor. South Africa is richer for the insightful and thematically relevant quality of her bronze sculptures.

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