Baviaans to Bay Hiking Trails consist of two hiking trails, Baviaans Camino as well as the Chokka Trail, both situated in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Both trails can be done as a 10 day hiking holiday, but it can also be done individually. The trails are fully catered for, guided and overnight accommodation in a variety of old farm houses, guest houses, and a resort.

The Baviaans Camino is a 6 day experience, with 95km of hiking over 4 days and an elevation of 2 500m. The route starts at the foot of the majestic Baviaanskloof Mountains, and hikers and horse riders traverse the mountain via the only available road crossing the mountain. It then follows a north-south traverse of the Kouga and Zuuranys Mountain Ranges, until you reach the outskirts of Kareedouw, a small town in the Langkloof.

The Chokka Trail is a 62km hiking trail over 4 days and 3 nights, and meanders between Oyster Bay, Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay. The trail includes coastal forest, fynbos, shoreline, a dunefield, and accommodation is as diverse as the environment.

These trails are ideal for families to spend quality time together, or friends who are desperate for time out together, it will give you time to reflect, refresh and reconnect with your inner self.

Full information can be found on or, or request fact sheets from [email protected] or from Esti on 073 825 0835.

Additional info

The Baviaans Camino has set dates between March and October, while the Chokka Trail can be done all year round except for 15 December – 5 January. You can do a group booking, or we can put groups together.

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