Looking for fun activities to do in Addo? Adrenalin Addo Adventure Park has it all! Situated in the heart of the Sundays River Valley in Greater Addo, we are an outdoor adventure park that embraces the motto ‘life is for living’. Whether you are looking for some heart pumping action on our zip line or some stomach-losing madness on our giant swing, or something more composed like canoeing on Addo’s Sundays River, Adrenalin Addo’s activities are all about trying new things and above all else, surrendering to boundless fun. Rated as the number one attraction in Greater Addo, we are an ideal getaway for families and friends, and the premier adventure venue for corporate groups and school camps.

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Addo Zip Line
Not one but two 500m wires, make this the highest, longest and fastest double zip line in South Africa.
– 70m high, 500m long, speeds of up to 80km/h
– Twin cables, two riders at a time – double the fun!
– Hands free all the way
– Automated braking system – no rider involvement

Addo Superman Zipline
Take ziplining to the next thrilling level and experience its flight in superman form – forward facing and on your stomach. One of only two sites in South Africa to offer this experience, it is the ultimate way to fly without wings!

Addo Giant Swing
A true test of nerve, our giant swing will leave you screaming, laughing or devoid of any sound at all – the ultimate adrenalin rush!
-18m high; several seconds of free fall
– Two at a time; the swing of a lifetime!

Addo Canoeing
Our two-man canoes are a wonderful way to explore the Sundays River, enjoy some paddling and embrace the song and surrounds of the river.

Addo Snack Deck
Offering a selection of drinks and light eats (toasties, wraps, homemade roosterbrood), our snack bar opens out onto a beautiful deck overlooking the Sundays River, and is a perfect spot to sit and relax.

Cancellation Policy
Some Conditions Apply
Adventure, Family
Price Range
R150 - R600