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Concerned about the drought in Cape Town? Travel experts confirm there’s water

Drought in Cape Town

Is there still a drought in Cape Town?

Water is considered a scarce resource, and as such is treated with respect in South Africa. While the drought in Cape Town has come to an end, there are areas in South Africa where you will be requested to please use water sparingly. Even where it is plentiful, you may see signs reminding you to be cautious of your usage. It has become (for many South Africans) an environmental mindset.

Although there have been heavy restrictions on water consumption in Cape Town, the main city affected by water shortages, the hotel restrictions have lifted and you can be assured that the taps won’t run dry.

The dams feeding Cape Town have benefited from generous winter rainfall and are currently over 80% full. Those dams feeding the rest of the province are recovering more slowly but are still fuller than they were this time last year, at the end of the rainy season.

That said, however, we would encourage all visitors to travel responsibly, be mindful of their water usage and to #savelikealocal so that we can ensure that we manage those resources responsibly for the future.

Tourists’ water usage did not worsen the drought in Cape Town – tourism is a key economic driver in the city

If you are concerned about the pressure your visit puts on Cape Town’s water resources – know that as a percentage of the overall water usage of the province, the use of water by tourists is proportionately tiny.

Tourism is a key economic sector of the city and province and supports over 300,000 direct and indirect jobs alone. Your visit contributes to economic growth and job creation while having a very minimal effect on our water usage.

Keep up to date with the water situation by visiting these sites:

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