Drought in South Africa – tourists unaffected but urged to #savelikelocals

Drought in South Africa

Global warming and climate change are a global reality that impact parts of the planet differently – one such impact is water scarcity, which is a global phenomenon. Every inhabited continent faces water stress, in one way or another, and extreme droughts having been seen in Australia, California and even India recently. No matter where […]

Robben Island booking and cancellation process

Robben Island

The Western Cape SATSA Committee recently shared some positive developments at Robben Island Museum regarding the booking and issuing of web tickets, refunds and communications on cancellations. One of these developments is that Robben Island has changed the visitor identification process when checking in for tours. A photograph or photocopy of visitors’ ID or passport […]

Risks of the road for the international traveller – new whitepaper launched

Risks of the road

Every year road crashes kill over 1.35 million people and a staggering 40% of all road deaths globally are work related. On top of this, between 20-50 million people are injured each year. Beyond car crashes, there are also related risks such as car-jacking, shared economy considerations and other personal safety issues. In the new […]

ATM fraud and credit card skimming – Protect yourself!

ATM fraud

ATM fraud is always a concern when travelling, not only in South Africa but worldwide! Those of us who have had their credit card cloned in ATMs located at airports internationally will know that card skimming or card cloning can happen to anyone, anywhere. Whenever you present your card for payment you run the risk […]

Health concerns in South Africa – Will tourists be affected negatively?

Health Concerns in South Africa

South Africa Tourism Safety Tip – Are there any health concerns in South Africa I should be concerned about? You may be asking if there are any health concerns in South Africa you should know about – malaria, quality of water, Ebola, yellow fever, etc. Vaccinations required for visiting South Africa While there are no […]

Is South Africa politically stable?

South Africa politically stable

South Africa Tourism Safety Tip – Is South Africa politically stable? You may be asking the question: is South Africa politically stable? The political stability of any country is one of the key factors to consider when visiting any destination. The great news for visitors to South Africa is that South Africa is politically stable. […]

Do I need to be worried about malaria in South Africa?

Malaria in South Africa

From 2010 to 2018, South Africa has experienced varying degrees of success in reducing the malaria burden. South Africa has made significant progress in controlling malaria, reducing malaria incidence from 11.1 to 2.1 total cases per 1,000 population at risk. In 2010/2011, the incidence rate for local and unclassified cases only (excluding imported) was 0.87 […]