About us

South Africa is Travel Ready is a PR & Communications collaboration of influential agencies in the tourism and hospitality space which are supporting the inbound tourism industry’s efforts to open the country to international tourism as soon as possible.

The PR collaboration operates under the campaign banner ‘South Africa is Travel Ready’ and comprises Big Ambitions, The Hunter Group, Lesley Simpson Communications, Scribe Consulting, Take Note Reputation Management, Tribeca Public Relations and Vuma Reputation Management.    

What we do

South Africa is Travel Ready creates and distributes content and assets around key themes that support the opening of international tourism to South Africa as soon as possible.

These key themes include:

  • Community and conservation
  • A safe South Africa for staff and guests
  • The value of tourism to South Africa’s economy
  • Destination South Africa as the ideal post-COVID lockdown destination


Where do we do this

  • Local and international media
  • Industry bodies and partners
  • Social Media: South Africa is Travel Ready Facebook and LinkedIn pages
  • Website: traveltosouthafrica.org
  • Hashtag: #SouthAfricaisTravelReady


How you can get involved

  • Send us your positive destination news, images and videos (not a product push)
  • Like, follow and share from our Facebook and LinkedIn pages
  • Tag your social media with the hashtag #SouthAfricaisTravelReady
  • Tip us off if you see any publicity on tourism and South Africa
  • Share our positive stories about Destination South Africa with your networks
  • Encourage your networks to amplify the #SouthAfricaisTravelReady hashtag
For more information, contact us
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