A 2021 Budget Safari

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With the Covid-19 virus lurking around, it is hard to plan your next adventure. However, with the outbreak of the virus in late 2019, 2020 was a year of lockdown and trips being postponed.  

A year later and most are longing for an African safari and to Discover Africa. Most trips have been downscaled from luxury safaris to budget trips, due to the uncertainty, but South Africa has got you covered.  

Planning the trip

Group of friends during trip navigating with map and planning further trekking trail

Planning your safari for 2021 would be a great advantage when selecting lodges. The most popular lodges are often booked a year in advance, however with most countries not allowing international travel, lodges are not as full. So by confirming your trip now, you would be one of the lucky ones that get that extraordinary lodge – the one with the rooms that have the best views.

Saving more

Not being able to travel in 2020 has placed a damper on bookings and lodges are eager to open and welcome guests to experience the amazing African bush. 

To welcome more guests and make trips more affordable during these financially challenging times, lodges freeze their prices for travelling in 2021. You would, therefore, be able to travel in 2021 at the same costs as 2020.

Should this, however, not be motivation enough, lodges are introducing amazing specials. Not only are they offering discounted rates for longer or combination stays, but they are also offering free room upgrades. 

Booking in 2021, you would not only receive great discounts, but the exchange rate is in your favour. You would receive so much for your dollar.  Deposits to secure your trip are minimal, and you will still have a few months to save for the balance payments.  

Planning a last-minute trip, even better – lodges are eager to fill up rooms and booking at the last minute they could offer you a significant discount.

Extra value adds

With the arrival of COVID-19, not all is doom and gloom when you are travelling again.  

Except for all protocols to ensure both travellers and staff’s safety, social distancing is critical.  

Being in the African bush, this would not be a problem as there are limited people in camps – the number of people are even less, and you would get a more intimate and private safari.  

There would be fewer people on game drive vehicles, giving you a little more flexibility regarding your activities’ length.  

During meal times, settings will be more private, and meals are served to your table, rather than helping yourself. Just imagine your candlelit table in the African bush with no other sounds other than that of the wildlife in the distance. All this at no extra cost to you. These value-adds usually add up rather quickly when booking your safari.

So don’t wait any longer. Book that safari for 2021 and travel. You have waited long enough, and now it won’t have to break the bank. Africa is looking forward to welcoming you!